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Mobile Coupon Redemption

Mobile Coupons smash paper coupon redemption rates. At 10%, Mobile Coupon redemption rates are 10 times higher than Paper Coupons. This year, more than half of US adult internet users, or 102.5 million people, will redeem a digital coupon via any device for either online or offline shopping. New data indicates that there was a significant increase in the number of digital coupon users during the first half of 2013.

Mobile coupon redemption rates are growing, resulting from the implementation of QR codes, dedicated coupon apps, and near field communication in smartphones and tablets. According to a report by Juniper Research, 'The number of discount coupons redeemed through mobile and tablet devices is expected to reach 10 billion this year, up by more than 50% on last year." Companies like Walgreens offer customers mobile coupons activated by check-ins at a Walgreens store. Other companies like Target and Starbucks offer similar discounts and mobile-activated features.

Mobile Coupon Redemption

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