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Fun for your customers, profitable and engagement for your business

Fully Customizable

Scratch & Win Contest builder

Offer fun and engagement. Have your clients scratch to 'win' instant prizes and discount, where every scratcher, is a chance to win.


Building More Than Vouchers

Customizable Scratchers

Creating customizable mobile advertising solutions in order to get to know your clients

Lottery Tickets! $100.000 prizes! Golden Tickets Company Scratchers

- Lottery Tickets!

- $100.000 prizes!

- Golden Tickets

- Company Scratchers

Create customizable interactive lottery tickets that format on smartphones, tablets and desktop in order to build client databases. Send out customized scratchers to your clients and have them scratch for a grant prize. Of course you can set the 'odds' you like. Create suspension by offering your client the chance to win a 'Golden' ticket. Of course everybody wins your golden tickets... Use our platform to build customized Scratch & Win contests. Have your clients scratch, where every scratcher, is a chance to win.

Mobile Coupon smartphone

The Marketing Revolution On Every Smartphone

Engage your visitors and let them come back time after time. Now you can offer your customers the chance to win instant gratification every time they visit, and remarket by sending them sms and email offers via mobile to drive them back to your locations. Customers will love your Scratch & Win program because it brings loyalty & fun!

Scratch & Win creates Instore Engagement

Delight your guests on the item they take with them everywhere. The Scratch & Win promotion is a proven in retail and is viewed by many retailers as one of the most successful promotion types for peaking sales - And at the same time you will be able to build loyalty and increase visit frequency.

DEMO! Scan the QR code or visit utap.at/p/zw9r3b

Mobile Coupon engagement

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When advertising loads the gun, qr2coupon pulls the trigger WHAT MAKES SCRATCH & WIN PROMOTIONS A SUCCESS!

"The gaming element -  The randomization of the offers introduces a gambling element and makes it suspenseful for the consumer. The level of discount available can be known, but the 'chance to win' the highest value offer, a discount or gimmick drives excitement when scratching"

Maria Powell

Scratch & Win

A Scratch & Win Contest;

Builds Your Loyalty Program Almost Automatically. It Offers Fun, Get's People Engaged and the contest rules ask people to identify themselves. Personalized information makes remarketing a breeze...


Mobile Coupon showcase


When advertising loads the gun, qr2coupon pulls the trigger Targetting 'Millenials' (born between 1977-2000)

Are you using mobile to Reach Millennials! In the quick service fast food industry, it's all about the millennial generation. What QSR brands do is try to improve on loyalty and get people to come in more often. How it works; Millenials can use their smartphone's qr code reader to scan a special QR code sign at all establishments, besides typing the short url location or texting a keyword. Scanning this code opens a digital scratch off card, that unlocks prizes, like discounts on meals or free drinks. What restaurant owners like about this program is there's an incentive to scan every time millenials go in. It's exciting and gives instant gratification; Millenials like that.

Mobile Coupon reach

When advertising loads the gun, qr2coupon pulls the trigger Reaching 'Millenials' - through the platforms they're most comfortable using

When Millennials make a decision to spend their hard-earned dollars at their favorite restaurant, they are looking for an experience. Millennials want to use digital, social and mobile technology when they go out to eat. That's what makes dining fun. Millennials want to "plug in" , socialize with friends, take an Instagram photo or 20, maybe even listen to a couple of tunes on Spotify. Millenials expect an experience. They want far more than food as fuel. They expect to interact with a brand in a fun way on their mobile phone. Take your loyalty program; if you can introduce a mobile platform that feels more like a game than a chore, that's when the younger demographic will truly engage.

When advertising loads the gun, qr2coupon pulls the trigger Millenials having a good time - What do they do!

They tell their friends. Not once but several times throughout the meal. Each and every one of them will likely do one or more of the following: Tweet, Instagram, Vine, Snap Chat or Facebook. They'll talk about the food, the architecture in the restaurant, and you better believe they'll mention any discounts or freebies they win through your loyalty program. Millennials have a generous side that can truly benefit your business. Give them a discount to your restaurant, and if you let them, they will quickly share it with friends. Why? Because they enjoy making recommendations and being known in their group as a trend-setter. Plus, Millennials love to dine in groups. If one of the diners has a discount, going out for a meal is a no brainer. Restaurants that really want to seal the deal with Millennials will keep the experience going long after the meal is done. Don't just feed them information on Facebook and Twitter. Offer them a fun, exciting experience that drives them back to your locations.

Mobile Coupon business model

Distributing Scratch Offers Across All Digital Channels

Distribute your offers throughout any digital channels in one easy to use platform, including: Narrow Casting , Digital Signage, websites, social, mobile web, Apps, mobile ads, Apple Passbook, Email and SMS. Feel free to connect our software with sms and email suppliers to send your coupons to anyone.

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Mobile Coupon increase ticket sizes Increase Ticket Sizes

Offer a small discount on a high-margin menu item to incent purchase behavior. Make your customers happy and boost your profits, too.
1/2 Price Milkshake - Buy one coffee, get one free - 40% off a Chicken Salad - Free desert with 2 soup entrees - 50% off house cake with every irish coffee

Mobile Coupon promote a new product Promote A New Product

Introduce a new product or item on your menu as a limited-time offer. Once customers try it, the next time they visit they will buy it.
Free Fish soup with every pizza Calzone - Free chease upgrade with pizza - Free Upgrade to larger menu - Only today 12 Chicken nuggets for the price of 8

Mobile Coupon retainer Retainer

Offer your visitors a prize or promotion that only can be used next week saturday. If your offer is engaging, they will get back to your location within a short time frame.

Mobile Coupon conversions First Prize (second/third everyone should be a winner)

Offer an exciting (first) prize in limited numbers to motivate customers to come in and scratch for the chance to win.
Win free dinner & drinks for two - 50 % Off your entire order - Win a $75 Gift card - Free Milkshake for a month

Your customer wants to be entertained!

Offer fun and engagement. Have them scratch to 'win' instant prizes and discount, where every scratcher, is a chance to win. Use Scratch & Win contests to build your mobile and email customer list, and loop mobile marketing into your business processes.
WHY SCRATCH & WIN - Why Scratch & Win

Mobile Coupon results

Mobile Coupon strategy

Set the "ODDS" of winning per customer

As you might have guessed our system supports building random freebies via scratch off coupons. Combined with our facebook tab, with integrated like gating, nice gamification structures can be created. Use the 'campaign' system , where chances of 'winning' or 'sorry' can be set by the promoter and implemented easily in a random marketing campaign model.

Automated Gifting


Choose from our Birthday, Holiday, Special Occasion Gift and Present Templates, or build and upload your own and have your customer unwrap your gift to them.

Mobile Scratch and Win Digital Scratch and Win Scratch and Win Contest Scratch and Win Mobile Digital

Personalized offers

Instant Rewards

Automated Offers

Mobile Campaigns

Send out personalized offers to your clients, just for being a great customer. Have them unwrap them like a gift to reveal exclusive savings and special invitations. Check out Gifting for Mobile and Digital You can now deliver instant rewards through a unique Digital Gifter, which looks and feels just like a lottery ticket on a mobile phone. Check out Gifting for Mobile and Digital  Targeted mobile marketing is simple with qr2coupon. Just set it and forget it. Activate the types of offers you want to employ, and our CMS does the rest of the work for you. Check out this Mobile gifter. Mobile campaigns allow you to get extremely targeted with your mobile outreach. Campaigns are continuous or one-time promotions you can send to customers once a month, every month. Gifting for Mobile and Digital

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