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Coupon Builder

7 Minute Coupon Builder

QR2coupon is web-based, fast and different! It lets you create 'REAL' quality rich media ad units without any html knowledge or without involvement from IT. Our coupons format on smartphones, tablets and desktop.

Building More Than Coupons

Rich Media Ad Units

Creating customizable mobile advertising solutions in order to get to know your clients

Mobile Coupon easy optin integrate with email Mobile Coupon easy optin integrate with sms Mobile Coupon easy optin as point of sale kiosk Mobile Coupon easy optin as point of sale kiosk

- Digital Coupons

- Gifters

- Database builders

- Scratch & Win

Create customizable interactive coupons and vouchers that format on smartphones, tablets and desktop in order to build client databases. Send out customized offers to your clients and have them unwrap them like a gift to reveal exclusive savings and special invitations. Get to know your customers by asking them to identify themselves by clipping a coupon to their name, and saving this data for remarketing. Use our platform to build customized Scratch & Win contests. Have your clients scratch, where every scratcher, is a chance to win.

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Timed Coupons

+ Timed Coupons

Create the feeling off urgency for your coupons to be used.

Mobile Coupon design timed coupon

Make Use Of Human Behaviour and Tempt Clients

We all know about mobile coupon abuse seen by retailers when intended single-use mobile coupons are used multiple times. With an expiration date far in the future, some consumers find it hard to resist repeat usage for extra savings. This abuse is now over!

To redeem a timed coupon, consumers must activate the offer, which reveals the coupon code for a small window of time. Once the "live" countdown timer is up, the offer disappears and can't be activated again. With "live" timed coupons; it becomes impossible for consumers to reuse by taking screenshots, or sharing the URL with others. You regain control of your coupon distribution, and your customers move faster to redeem their coupons before time runs out.

Case - Timed Coupon


How to get happy customers coming back more often? A big issue for brands is the number of days between visits for customers. Mc Donalds has a customer coming every 3 days, for other QSR brands it's closer to 25-60 days. One of the big questions is; "How to attract the new 'millenial' user to come in more often"

Timed Coupons can do just that and allow you to set a date and time from which a coupon will be available. Now you can have your "Drive Through" clients receive a receipt/bill with a shorturl / QR code that corresponds with a coupon that will be available in 24/48/72 houres. Check out the QR2receipt platform >>>


Mobile Coupon bar code validation
Location Enabled

+ Location Enabled

Store finders let customers easily find participating locations.

Get Yourself On The Map

Now it's even more easy to loop mobile marketing into your business process. We have taken online coupons and are bringing it to your mobile phone. What's more, the coupons are for places and services within your current vicinity - all done via GPS. Imagine seeing the most relevant coupons around your area. No need to cut, print or carry around coupons anymore because it's all right there on your cell phone!

Mobile Coupon store finder location based

Save For Later

+ Save For Later functionality

Offer your client a location to store your coupons for later use..

Mobile Coupon standards save coupon

Use The Wallet Your Client Always Carry; Mobile

Never forget a coupon... We built QR2coupon with one very simple goal in mind: To help consumers never forget a coupon at home. A big part of that is making sure the coupons work in store, and follow all the rules and restrictions that retailers may use in their couponing programs.

Therefore coupons can be saved 2 email and retrieved at a later moment, (on IOS) we offer storing the coupon by clicking "Add to Home Screen and we build a loyalty option where one coupon, leads to the other(s), by pairing them together. In a couple of weeks we also offer 'add to passbook' so your clients can store them in their mobile wallet.

Redeem & Validate

+ Redemption

Redeem and track mobile coupons in real-time, and track validity.

Choose from 4 different redemption methods

Now it's even more easy to loop mobile marketing into your business process. By scanning our coupons with embedded barcodes you will be able to redeem and track mobile coupons in real-time, simply by integrating our API to your Point of Sale. But we also offer QR code, coupon code and pin code validation.

Check out our 4 Validation methods >>>

Mobile Coupon redemption method overview

Restrictive Coupons

+ Restrictive / Single Use Coupons

Use restrictive, single time use coupon codes to re-engage with existing customers. 

Mobile Coupon restrictive single use

QR2coupon proactively prevents cheating

QR2coupon’s uniqueness in the mobile couponing space is its ability to deliver single-use consumer product coupons at retail. These single-use coupons eliminate fraud from the fulfillment process, and are delivered via QR code, bar code, text message, email, directly to a smartphone app or social-media websites. Now we know that the problem with blasting out a coupon code to your existing customers is that it’s likely to go viral, resulting in discount fraud.

Single use coupon codes are a good solution, but you need valuable IT time to create coupon codes and manage and track their redemption. Our coupon management technology allows you to give your new and existing customers one-time-use coupon codes to prevent coupon fraud. QR2coupon's validation technology ensures that each coupon code can only be redeemed once.

Case - Single Use Distribution

Problem; "Using basic url distribution, the url link recipients, can simple forward a coupon to anybody else to fill and claim offers? "

Question: How can we tackle that problem? Do you offer an API, that would enable our platform to auto complete and generate a live coupon url? This live Coupon URL can then be sent to for instance a SURVEY participant. If they distribute it, it can only be redeemed once! 

Restrictive coupon with Single Use capability can do just that and allow you to offer coupons to those that comply with the rules you have set. Request unique access codes to your coupon, and we will generate a QR-code as well as a clickable URL. When you prefer to generate batches of access codes we'll generate an Excel file you can upload to your Pos, and you can use our Json API's that generates single use, unique codes.


Restrictive coupon single use

Digital Scratch and Win

+ Scratch & Win contests

Build your own "CHANCE TO WIN" consumer experience in minutes.

Use our templates or create your own

Now it's even more easy to personalize a digital scratch and win contest and match the layout and look and feel of your company. Upload your win and loss images, activate the types of offers / prizes you want to employ, and our CMS does the rest of the work for you. Your clients will love it! Scratch & Win info



Have them unwrap your gifts

Choose from our Birthday, Holiday, Special Occasion and Present Templates, or build and upload your own and have your customer unwrap your gift. Send out personalized offers to your clients by using any sms (text) or email platform, just for being a great customer. Have them unwrap them like a gift to reveal exclusive savings and special invitations.

Scratch and Win

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