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Building Rich Media Ad Units

1* How To Build!

What type of mobile coupons can you build with our software?

How to build mobile digital coupons How to build mobile digital gifters How to harvest client data with mobile digital coupons How to build mobile digital scratch and win contests

- Digital Coupons

- Gifters

- Harvest Client Data

- Scratch & Win

qr2coupon lets you create quality coupons without any html knowledge or without involvement from IT. Our coupons format on smartphones, tablets and desktop. Send out offers to your clients and have them unwrap them like a gift to reveal exclusive savings and special invitations. Ask customers to connect to Facebook in order to claim a coupon. All Facebook data will be stored to your client database which you can use for remarketing purposes. Use our CMS to offer fun and engagement. Have your clients scratch to 'win' instant prizes and discount, where every scratcher, is a chance to win.

Claim A Coupon

2* How To Clip/Claim A Coupon

A claim method triggers clients in clipping mobile coupons to their name while you harvest client data

Saving Coupons

3* How Clients Save The Coupons!

How your clients save their mobile coupons for later use?

Saving mobile digital coupons via printing them Saving mobile digital coupons saving them via email Saving Mobile Coupons to phone Saving Mobile Coupons to home screen

- They print them

- They save via email

- They save to phone

- Add to Home screen

Not everybody owns a smart phone. Good to know that clients can print the coupon on their PC or store as Pdf and take it with them in-store. We make it easy to send a coupon via email and store it in your emailbox. Now the saved email contains an image from the coupon and a direct link to the online coupon. On IOs and Android you can save the coupon by clicking "Add to Home Screen. One click on the image re-opens the coupon, even without mobile internet. On IOS, users can save the coupon to their homescreen. Just click the icon and the coupon re-opens with easy.

Coupon Redemption

4* How To Redeem a Coupon!

Redemption is all about offering a method to check coupon validity while extracting client data

Mobile Coupon Widget redemption system Mobile Coupon Barcode redemption system Mobile Coupon QR code redemption system Mobile Coupon Pin Code redemption system

- Via Coupon Code

- Via Bar Code

- Via QR Code

- Via Pin Code

Once claimed, every digital or printed coupon carries a unique 6 digit coupon code. Just show the sales clerk the coupon code on your phone to get the discount.
Once claimed, every digital or printed coupon carries a unique barcode. Now the retailer can use his laser scanner to validate the coupon. Once claimed, every digital or printed coupon carries a unique QR code. Now the retailer can use any smartphone with qr code reader to validate the coupon. Once claimed, every digital coupon is protected by a unique 4 digit pincode. Now the retailer can ask the client to enter the pincode which validates the coupon.
Check out a Validation Widget online demo


Coupon Validation

5* How To Validate a Coupon!

How do retailers validate our mobile coupons and check their validity?

Mobile Coupon Widget validation system Mobile Coupon Barcode validation system Mobile Coupon QR code validation system Mobile Coupon Pin Code validation system

- Widget Validation

- Barcode Validation

- QR Code Validation

- Pincode Validation

The unique 6 digit couponcode, that is embedded on the coupon, or is presented via print, is being typed in on the Widget. A valid coupon code triggers the validation of the coupon.
Our coupons, whether digital or printed, have the unique coupon code and bar code embedded, where redemption takes place by scanning the barcode off the digital coupon or on paper (printed) At redemption, the cashier scans a QR Code on the clients mobile phone or print during checkout. Scanning the QR Code generates a page to be displayed on the cashier mobile device, protected with a password, that releases the coupon validation. Each retail location, can create it's own unique pincode. To validate the coupon, the customer has to enter the correct Pin Code which triggers a connection with our validation server and validates the coupon on the spot.
Check out a Validation Widget online demo

Reaching Your Clients

6* How To Distribute Your Coupons

Building digital coupons is easy; Distributing them to your clients is also easy

 send coupon via email  send coupon via sms text  send coupon via wifi  send coupon via qr code

Send via Email

Send via SMS - Text

Send via WIFI

Send via QR codes

Use any existing email provider you already use and connect our software to send your coupons out in bulk. Use any existing sms gateway provider you use and connect our software to send your coupons. Give your clients WIFI access and redirect them to your mobile coupon promotions. Use qr codes in your advertising and circulars and have clients come in store with your digital coupons.

 send coupon via your app  send coupon via social networks  send coupon via passbook notifications  send coupon via your facebook tabs

Send via your App

Send/Publish via Social

Send via Notification

Publish on Facebook

All your coupons and scratcher have a short url location you can easily embed/iframe inside your apps. Use our system to send and publish to all social channels like facebook and twitter with 2 easy clicks. Have your clients use Passbook to keep your vouchers in one place and notify them once they're nearby. Display multiple coupon on your facebook coupon tab, it's like having your own coupon directory...

Rewarding Your Clients

7* Pre-roll Youtube redirect

Do you want the ability to add a pre-roll Youtube video that plays on-load or by tapping the play button?

Reward Customers by watching your video's

”As a business owner, of course you want to reward your customers for watching your youtube video's. After the video plays, the scratcher appears and your clients can scratch. Try it, just play the video"  

Check this Pre-roll Youtube Redirect Script

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