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Frequently Asked Questions

Check if you're question is already answered online

We can imagine you might have some questions!

We receive many questions from clients and white label reseller regarding qr2coupon functionality, capabilities and platform. Or perhaps you have an idea for using qr2coupon technology in your business. We saved most common asked questions in this chapter, with our answers beneath. If you still have additional questions or remarks, contact us via phone, email or skype.

Mobile Coupon frequent asked questions


  • Is Qr2coupon technology available on handsets today?

  • What’s the difference between Qr2coupon and it's competitors?

  • What is Qr2coupon?

  • Why do I want to use Qr2coupon mobile platform?

  • Why should i consider using more Targeted Campaigns?

  • How will mobile commerce be improved with Qr2coupon functionality?

  • What kind of companies can profit from Qr2coupon?

  • Is the set-up of my POS infrastructure inportant?

  • What does a consumer need to have in order to use Qr2coupon?

  • How do we drive customer acquisition for retailers?

  • What are the benefits for your customer!?

  • What are situations that can be prevented by using Qr2coupon redemption methods?

  • How hard is it to start building a mobile coupon campaign using the Qr2coupon platform?


  • How do I sign up as for white label?

  • How do I make sure my clients won't sign up via the QR2coupon website?

  • Do I need to be technical to sell mobile coupon products?

  • What is "Maximum number of claims" per month?

  • Will my clients know that I am using these tools?

  • How much money can I make?

  • What is the Affiliate Package?

  • Do you offer a White Label option for resellers?

  • Can I host my own mobile coupons and campaign that I create with your Mobile CMS?

  • Can I use my own custom URL for my mobile website?

  • How much can I sell a premium mobile coupon, scratch and win contest or campaign to my customers for?

  • I’m not technical, can I still be a reseller / affiliate?

  • Why build mobile coupons and not an app?

  • *What is Mobile CMS?

  • How many demos can I have live?

  • Can I duplicate sites to make quick demos for my clients?

  • Do I have to pay for new updates to the platform?

  • Can I have my White Label Mobile CMS translated?

  • Can my clients login to make their own changes? (do-it-yourself)

  • What is a White Label Mobile CMS account?

  • What is 'The Blueprint' to your succes?

  • In which countries does your platform work?


  • Who is behind Qr2coupon?

  • Who has invested in the company?

  • Is qr2coupon’s technology protected?

  • Why does qr2coupon believe purely mobile coupons are the future?

  • About Qr2coupon?

  • Business Development

  • I’m a Point of Sale manufacturer, what benefit does qr2coupon bring my devices? How complicated is qr2coupon to integrate?

  • I’m in brand marketing, how can I leverage the qr2coupon technology to help market my brand and engage with my customers?

  • I’m a retailer, how is Qr2coupon going to change the POS experience for my employees and my customers? What do I need to start accepting qr2coupon mobile and printed coupons?

  • As a content provider, security is important to me. How do I know my information is safe?

  • Does qr2coupon provide its business customers any type of analytics on transactions?

  • I have an idea for using qr2coupon technology in my business. Who do I contact to get started?

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